Download Games online and legally

In the age of the internet any kind of digital content can be downloaded easily from home. Whether it is music, films or games, everything can be found on the internet sooner or later. It is more convenient and costs less than physical copies, especially for games, because of the size some games have. There are games that have up to 50 gigabytes or even more. Saving one file on a file server and distributing it over the internet is way easier than manufacturing single physical copies of the game with every single one of them containing the whole size of the game. But keep in mind that a stable and high download speed is needed to ensure a successful and fast download. With the current internet standards in the homes and weak servers you may wait up to several hours for one game to download and after that you still need to install it in most cases. The Usenet is one of the distributors offering free content with up to 100Mbit/s, which may save you one or two hours or even more. Technically speaking Usenet is not a digital game distribution platform. It offers thousands of terabytes of every kind of content legally and for free, but its fast servers hold many popular games. Let us take a look at some game distributors and where their strengths and weaknesses are.