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Usenet is a mystery for many people and you probably haven’t heard of it. It’s time to spread this excellent service. Usenet is an online service, a huge message board system.

There are boards that support file posts,so it has become a way to share exabytes of data–with the content base growing every day!


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With this amazing service you can find exactly what you want and download it without the fear of punishment. The service and its news client are all 100% ad free, as well as being free from spyware or dialers. People will post all kinds of files to these message boards, including music, movies, pictures, books and pretty much anything you are looking for.

Once you find out how it works,you’re really going to want to join the club!


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If you are looking for a cheap movie provider or want to download all of the hottest films for free,you’ve come to the right place!

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If you want fast, safely and legally download movies and other content on the internet–you’ll find it on Usenet.


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Usenet is a wonderful service that allows you to find a download digital media. It gives you excellent speed and reliability that you wouldn't find with any other file sharing option. Usenet was originally designed as a bulletin-board style service, so there is a lot of text content available. Once binary style newsgraups started to make their way into Usenet, it became a popular place to find the etypes of file that interest you.

In regards to the possibility that Usenet can be used as a means of acquiring copyright works, this is upto the individual user. Let’s take a look at how the Usenet system works and what this Client will allow you to do, after that the choice is up to you.

How Usenet Works

Unlike other file-sharing services, Usenet is not peer-to-peer. The information is stored on Usenet servers and because there is such a massive amount of data being added to the servers every day, there is only a limited amount of time when a file can be retained.

Usenet works in a clever way – to offer you the best performance!

Usually the files are retained for a year, but some providers will offer high retention rates of two years. Every Usenet service provider will cap the number of simultaneous connections you will be able to make at a single time from your account. This is important for a few reasons.

First of all, the files that you will want to download will be split into parts and you might want to download those parts all at once because it is more efficient than downloading one file at a time. Also, if you want to be able to use your account from many different locations or share your account with someone else, you will be able to split up the connections between locations so that you will only need one account.

Also, usenet provider uses top notch encryption, so no one will be able to spy on what you are downloading. both the use of Usenet, as well as offering usenet access is completely legal - this has been confirmed at many judgements.

Fast, Extensive and Secure!

This client is a high quality solution that you can count on. The download are all protected by 256 bit SSL encryption and IP storage doesn't exist. it guarantees a higher maximum download speed due to the independent server farms and it can maintain more than 10,000 terabytes of data for up to 2,007 days.

You are not even obligated to upload data!

You will not be prompted to upload data yourself, nor will this happen unwittingly in the background without your permission.You might be wondering "am i safe downloading from Usenet?" and the answer is "yes". Usenet is not the same as Bitorrent, which has got a lot of negative publicity recently because of lawsuits against its users with allegations of sharing P2P files. Fortunately, when you use Usenet you won't have these problems.

Downloading Usenet Client

"So how do i take part in this amazing digital content party?"

A high profile Usenet provider supplies you with everything you need to get downloading binaries at much higher speeds than you would with BitTorrent. This is an excellent software that will make downloading very easy. You are probably itching to get your hands on it right now.

In order to use this network - you will need a provider. is the very best option for you!

It is necessary to download a special software so that you can use the Usenet and it is offered in different variations. There is the newsreader which makes it possible for you to send text messages and to read. Also, there is other Usenet client that allows you to download files - the Usenet Binaries. The newsreader is one of the best aspects of the package and it is available for OSX, Windows and Linux.

Everything you need in a Usenet download software!

This software is very user friendly and you can download and find files through an intuitive interface. You can subscribe to a newsgroup that is particularly interesting with the simple click of a button. It is not even a problem to download files that are fragmented, because they are assembled by the program automatically.

A usenet provider will allow you to download files which are posted up to 300 days in advance and it offers a holdover time of 1,000 days for text messages and 300 days for files. There are a range of different plans with differing units and if you go over your monthly limit then you will be able to use up the next months allowance if you want. There is also a "free download" mode that will allow you to download as much data as you want, but at a much slower rate.


The Advantage of Using A usenet provider

Here are some of the perks to using A usenet provider software:

There are a lot of newsgroups to choose from - more than 60,000.

This is an excellent free software for downloading files.

The usenet provider software offers great encryption.

Usenet provider is 100% legal.

It is 100% safe because there is no file sharing or peer to peer platform.

It has 100% of the data that you are looking for and you are very likely to find the file that you want.

There are long retention times for the files that you are looking for.

There is a high completion rate for the files.

The Software is really user friendly and easy to understand. It doesn't have the complicated nature of some other software.

There is a 14 day free trail available with a large download limit.

When you need to call the telephone hotline for customer assistance, it is not a premium rate(although call fees to Germany apply).

You will be able to roll over your download unit to the next month.

A usenet provider provides a great option for downloading files and the retention times, completion rate and encryption used are all excellent. The fact that you will be able to use up the next month's allowance together with the free download mode means that you are unlikely to ever be unable to download the files that you want. You can always gives it a free trail, so there really is on reason not to give A usenet provider a try.

Go ahead, try it today! What do you have to lose?

Connection Speed and Server Locations

There's no need to wait a long time for the content you want!

A UseNet provider has multiple server farms that are located across the USA and Europe and they allow for fast server speeds. This is a great speed compared to other software such as BitTorrent. If you ever have any problems with downloading, there are many different outlets of support for members. There is a big FAQ page that will outline all of your common issues and troubleshooting and they also hold an online support via email as well as a support hotline.

You'll be able to get immediate help, no matter what time of day!
How to Set up The Newsreader
It's really easy to set up, just follow these steps!

Once you have downloaded A usenet provider, you will need to set it up with the address from the news server. You will be prompted to enter the details when you set up the software on the computer. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions which are mailed to you.

When you are setting up the wizard, you will need to choose the folder where the downloads will be saved from Usenet. If your account includes SSL you will need to get a port number for the SSL and standard access. At that point all you will need is your username and a password.

The Search for Files to Download

How do you find the content you are looking for? It's super simple, just read the following!

When you want to start downloading something on your Usenet provider software, you will need to search for the appropriate content through the user interface. Anyone who is on the search for files on Usenet will find this relatively easy. You will need to search for what you want and you can narrow your search to "filegroups" and select the filegroups you want. Then, you can click "download" to bring up the download wizard. The Wizard will take care of downloading all of the archives and then stitch them back together again.

It's not too difficult to find texts and other items in the newsgroups and other files can also be specified in a range of other file formats. There are more than 600,000 newsgroups available, so the search will be successful to 99% even if you are looking for a very specific topic.

Then, when you have found the file to download you can get it at the click of a mouse. It really is that simple!

usenet - the best solution for downloading contect

Usenet really is the best option when it comes to downloading the content you want online! if you have any more questions about Usenet, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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